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Freshman Year Experience (FYEX 1112)



Success during the first year of college provides the foundation for academic and personal achievement throughout a student’s college career. As part of NMSU’s land-grant mission of educational access, the university is committed to supporting student success and development by meeting both academic and personal needs within a learning environment that supports and challenges all students. We will promote intellectual, social, civic and personal development while encouraging respect for the diversity of cultures and individual experiences and perspectives. We are further committed to regularly assessing our policies, practices, resources, and the organization of first-year efforts to continually improve our first year programs and enhance student success.



The goal of FYE is to help first-years student make a seamless transition from high school into the college environment by detailing the expectations of higher education, connecting students with campus resources, further developing their academic & professional skills, and providing guidance through self-exploration.

Key Components and Areas of Focus:

  • Enhancement of Academic skills
  • Campus Connection and Support
  • Global Citizenry
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Information Literacy and Communication


First-Year Initiatives (FYI) is a success unit aimed to assist students as they transition from high school, throughout the academic journey, to graduation. We are dedicated to providing students with the skills, resources, and knowledge needed to navigate the college experience successfully! Student success is central to NMSU mission, values, reputation and fiscal health. The first year of a student’s academic and social experience has a particularly significant impact on the overall transition into college.   

First Year Initiatives offers first-year and freshman students the opportunity to participate in a program designed specifically to enhance their first-year experience, ease the transition to college, and improve their overall success in college. Students can enroll in University’s academic success courses such as you FYEX 1112-First-Year Experience, a three credit hour elective course designed to introduce students to the resources at the University, FYEX 1131-Personal Learning Skills, FYEX 1132-Academic & Personal Effectiveness, FYEX 1117- Financial Literacy, and other courses that support the social and academic achievement of NMSU students. (more information)

FYI activities include:

  • Freshmen Year Experience (FYEX 1112) course
  • Mini-Semester Courses
  • Academic and personal success workshop presentations
  • Monthly freshmen conversations and dialogue
  • Campus activities and events
  • Peer2Peer mentorship

Freshman Learning Cohorts

Learn more about the vital resources and services offered by key offices, achieve more out of the semester, connect with campus partners and faculty in the FLC, form friendships and study groups with fellow students and much more with Freshman Learning Cohorts. 
(more information)

Mini-Semester and UNIV Courses

Mini-semester courses start near the middle of the semester and can be added to maintain full-time academic status if a student needs to drop another course to preserve their GPA. (more information)

Turner_Patrick.jpg Patrick Turner, Ph.D.

Associate Vice-President of Student Academic Success
(575) 646-7926


Corbett Center

Room 209