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Fall 2023 Presentations

The Office of First Year Initiatives is available to provide presentations on Monday through Thursdays from 9:00AM - 3:00PM. Some consideration can be made for special requests made outside these dates and times. Requests should be made 2-weeks prior to requested date. Please select the presentation you would like and complete the form to identify more details on the wanted presentation. 

Click on the collapsible panel to open the presentation information.

The purpose of this presentation is to help students learn and develop the knowledge and abilities to help them have a successful transition into the academic and social college environment.
Everyone has developed a relationship with how they interact, spend, save, and talk about money and finances. This presentation looks at how these connections were formed and ways to create a healthy relationship.
Sometimes fear prevents us from maximizing our potential. The presentation help students understand and develop the skills of how to not shy away from fear, but lean into these opportunities. College is full of opportunities that will require dedication and perseverance to be successful.

Telling your own story is the most powerful tool that you have for success. It not only liberates you, but also inspires and motivates others to share their background and experiences. In doing so, increases learning opportunities and creates a sense of belonging. Students have stories to tell and we are anxious to hear them.

This presentation helps participants learn about NMSU international student population, identifies some of the pressing concerns this population of students encounter during their first year, and finally provides some strategies and resources to support them in their social and academic achievement.
Participant will understand the need to create discipline around the use of technology, evaluate how to avoid the pit-falls, learn how to integrate the use of technology in your classroom performance, and view technology not as a distraction but an attraction.